Wednesday, August 27, 2008

MY NEW PET PEEVE--Email Forwards

I love an encouraging or humorous email forward as much as you do. YouTube videos inspire me, make me laugh. But it's the email forwards with a message, especially political or religious, that often annoy me. And this is why.

I used to be guilty of this myself, so bear with me. People send out emails they have received, thinking they are helping a cause, such as promoting someone for public office or preventing higher taxes. But because senders, like the rest of us, are busy, they don't read carefully and don't check for facts.

Please. Especially if we're people who believe in the truth, we shouldn't be passing on something in print that isn't the truth. Or maybe is only half the truth.

If there are links, click on them. Read or at least skim the contents. Then, if you feel comfortable that this is accurate information, paste the link into an email and briefly describe why the reader should act on the information or pass it on. They can read. They can click on a link. It may be faster, and it will certainly lead to more accurate communication.

If you can't verify the truth of a forward someone sends your way, such as at, don't send it. If you don't have time to track down the information, just delete the email. Isn't that better than participating in something potentially deceptive, just to make a point someone wants to get across?

We've all been guilty of passing on forwards that should never have started in the first place. Let's stop it now.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Don't you love contests? Well, here's another for you, and entering is just a click and a few keystrokes away.

Win a copy of Mary E. DeMuth's "Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture: Practical Help for Shaping Your Children's Hearts, Minds, and Souls"
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I admire Mary for her clear and heartfelt writing, for her desire to mentor new writers, and most of all, for her honesty and sincerity as she walks daily with Jesus. Once you begin reading her, you'll feel the same.
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I wish you all could win!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


An online writer friend pointed me to a book I wish I'd had when visiting museums that touted evolution as the accepted truth. My husband and I had to look hard to find sources to help refute the information our children heard everywhere they turned.

John F. Schroeder

In a recent interview, here's what John Schroeder, author of Why Monkeys Are Monkeys and People Are People, had to say:

John, you seemed to have everything going for you when alcohol took your life and career diving. What happened, as you put it, to derail you, and what compelled you to believe Christ could turn your life around?

In a nutshell, Karen, my fondness for very dry martinis left me vulnerable to the negative influence of a couple people in the corporation who felt threatened by my successes. I misjudged their influence on top management, and when I refused to carry out a very bad plan conceived by one of them, my drinking was used as the wedge to get me out of the way. Had I not been an alcoholic, there would have been no grounds for my being discharged, and within a year I would have been fielding all kinds of plaudits for refusing to activate the plan that turned out to be even worse than I knew in advance it would be. But God is good. I had to become an alcoholic and lose my career before God could get my attention.

I was born into a devout Roman Catholic home where the whole family knelt every night to recite the rosary. And my entire education was gained in Roman Catholic parochial, secondary, and higher learning institutions. So throughout my years of drinking (and debauching myself in other ways), I was always comforted by the belief that I could confess all my sins at the hour of my death to a priest, and presto, I would end up in heaven. Not so, I was to learn, as my drinking became an acute hindrance to getting back on my feet financially.

I had sunk deep down in Pilgrim’s Slough of Despond, when a miracle happened to me, “out of the blue,” as it were. I received as a gift a King James Study Bible from the lovely lady who later became my wife. It was the first Bible I had ever owned or read. So hungry was my soul for the divine Word that within two weeks I had read the entire New Testament. Within a month I had discovered that the Christ Jesus of Scripture is not the same as the counterfeit Jesus of Catholicism; that through the true Jesus I could start a new life. Within a year I had escaped the Roman church and become a born again Bible-loving Christian. Of equivalent praiseworthiness, the alcohol addiction and the three-packs-a-day cigarette addiction were totally removed from me and neither has ever returned. I began thereafter to write books, the very first of which is still in print and a modest seller. Its title: “Heresies of Catholicism…the Apostate Church.” (iUniverse 2003; ISBN 0-595-65682-X – Amazon.)

I've read the information on your website, your bio, but I'd like to ask you to express afresh to my readers why you wrote a book to refute evolution.

After my born again experience, (I wrestled an entire night, as Jacob did, with the Lord who was determined that I should claim Him as my Savior and not the Roman Catholic church), I married my wife, Claudia, and we became friends with a Christian widow who had a teenage son. The boy was a fine young fellow with a good mind and we really got along quite well. Then he went off to the University of Georgia and we were out of touch for several months. One evening Claudia received a phone call from our friend the widow who was visibly upset. It seems her son had informed her that he no longer believed in God; his biology professor had shown the class that Darwinian evolution was responsible for the existence of all things. Bingo! As the saying goes, I hit the ceiling!

As a student in the 50’s at Xavier University in Cincinnati, I’d had a brief brush with evolution in one of my electives. A strong background in Physics caused me to reject the whole theory out of hand. When the lad came home for the Christmas holiday, I got with him and took him through the physical laws that completely obviate the Darwin theory. He could not refute them, and by the end of his first year at the University he had come to the right conclusion – God IS, and evolution is not.

That experience set me on a course to disprove Darwinian evolution theory, and for the next several years I spent much research time pulling together evolutionist propaganda and the physical facts that refute it. I founded Creation Science Seminars of Georgia in 1992 and for ten years thereafter I conducted seminars in churches and schools debunking evolution theory and supporting belief in creation ex nihilo. Eventually I organized my data into a book and had it published under the title, Darwinism: Sorcery in the Classroom. (Fenestra Books 2005; ISBN 1-58736-531-6 – Amazon) I have not had the funds available to promote this very good book, so sales have been disappointing. Those who have read it, however, have only been complimentary.

As a follow-up to Darwinism: Sorcery in the Classroom, I wrote in 2007 the sequel entitled Why Monkeys Are Monkeys And People Are People, subtitled, The Case Against Dawkins, Hitchens, and Hawking. Problems with the publisher – Living Waters – has kept the book in a sort of limbo to this point, and I am looking into several avenues of action to get the book into general circulation.

This is not a new topic for Christian apologists. Why is this book different, and why were you uniquely qualified to write it?

The first book was basically an exposé of how the nation’s public school system is force-feeding evolution theory to America’s kids as factual and proven, while at the same time blocking the teaching of the many data that contradict and debunk it as utterly impossible. This was a new approach and the book still stands alone as the one collection of understandable anti-evolution information aimed specifically at Christian youth attending public schools and their parents. Prior to its publication, Christian apologists were so technical in their approach to the subject that most individuals could not comprehend the fact that Darwinian evolution is a vast wasteland of speculation and non-truths. It has been my approach to take highly technical data that is over the heads of many people and restructure it so that even the least technically adept person can understand it.

The second book – Monkeys – is a sequel to Darwinism, and is heavily weighted with data showing atheism to be a bankrupt belief system whose core doctrine – Darwinian evolution - is based on a whole collection of impossibilities. The book delivers the saving Gospel message numerous times as a logical belief system founded on many observations encountered in daily life. Again, highly technical data has been recycled into understandable terms that a fifth grader can comprehend. I feel fairly safe in saying that I am the only pro-creation, anti-Darwinism writer who has written for the general public rather than for the scientific community.

Before you ask me why the Monkeys book bears the subtitle, The Case Against Dawkins, Hitchens, and Hawking, let me explain. Richard Dawkins is a British evolution theorist who last year authored a book entitled, The God Delusion. It is an atheistic polemic against Christianity. Christopher Hitchens also is British-born, and last year he authored a book entitled God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. It too is a polemic against religion in general but especially Christianity. Stephen Hawking, a horribly crippled theoretical physicist, is a professsor at Cambridge University in the UK, and the author of another atheistic book entitled, A Short History of Time.

In Why Monkeys Are Monkeys and People Are People, the main thrust of the book is to rebut these men and all other atheists whose belief system is bereft of a viable foundation. A couple of PhD’s who reviewed the book before publication opined that the book did indeed achieve its stated objective.

Here's an excerpt from your book: In the Darwinese dialect I suppose you could say it all comes down to this; molecule-to-man evolution is greatly dependent on wrong information producing right results and eventually, even better more complex results than were originally present. (Chapter 2 - The Beneficial Errors Oxymoron.) Some of us who haven't been to college recently--or haven't yet finished the book--might want an elementary version or explanation of this statement. Would you be so kind...?

I most certainly will clarify. The excerpt is – as you noted – from a chapter that deals with the alleged cause of an organism that began as one species evolving into a totally new, different, more advanced species. That supposed cause, according to the Darwinists, is the occurrence of favorable mutations in an organism. A postulated mechanism called Natural Selection allegedly chooses these favorable mutations to be perpetuated in the evolving organism. When a sufficient number of the alleged favorable mutations have become established in a population, the old species turns into the new more advanced species. Or so say the Darwinists.

In fact, there is no such thing as a favorable mutation. It is scientific truth that all mutations are harmful and many – even most of them - are fatal. Mutations are mistakes that occur in the life-generating molecule identified as DNA. The DNA molecule is the driving force that operates and reproduces living organisms. When a mutation occurs in that key molecule dreadful things happen. A deer is born with six legs. A cat is born with two faces. Siamese twins are the result of a mutation. So are crossed eyes, hair lips, Downs Syndrome, on and on. Mutations occur when wrong information accrues in the DNA molecule, garbling the data, and complicating the operation of the organism.

From this [kind of result] you can understand how wrong are the evolutionist claims that mutations cause species to evolve into entirely new more advanced species. The contrary is true, so Darwinists really are trying to convince us that mutations (wrong information, DNA mistakes, destructive data) produce positive and even better results in living organisms. To date the list of favorable mutations lacks even one entry. Until the Darwinists can identify and list literally millions of favorable mutations, they have to accept on faith alone that garbled information produces right results.

Tell us more about your fundraiser for teaching Christian parents and students the truth about creation and evolution.

I would like to be able to tell you that the sales of “Monkeys” are going through the roof and that we are generating lots of revenue for this worthy cause. Unfortunately the glitch that has occurred at the publisher has capped a lid on sales and the fund remains an honorable objective.

I am also a Georgia transplant (24 years, but who's counting?). How did a former Buckeye end up in the South, much less Georgia?

I have been in Georgia since 1974. Prior to that year, I was based in Cambridge, Mass., as the Marketing Director of a division of W.R. Grace & Co. I had taken over the marketing of a small but nationally distributed product group in 1970. By 1974, using only myself and independent manufacturers' reps we grew the business to a size that got top management’s attention. It was decided that I could not continue working 70-hours a week supervising the entire nation. So the country was split into five regions one of which was the southeastern region covering nine southern states. I jumped at the opportunity to head up this southern region and in ’74 I said goodbye to the snowbelt and hello to the sunbelt. I have never for even one moment regretted my decision.

Anything else you'd like us to know about you and/or your book?

It’s great to be a born again child of God. I was a Roman Catholic for 52 years during which I feared continually for my soul. What a comfort it is to KNOW I’m saved by God’s free grace and am kept by HIS infinite power from ever being lost again. If any of your readers are waiting to confess Christ until they “get right” with God, don’t wait. Get saved right now and God will clean you up afterwards. You haven’t lived until you’ve lived SAVED! May God bless you all.


Other books by John Schroeder:

Heresies of Catholicism...The Apostate Church

Darwinism: Sorcery in the Classroom

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our Hearts and Prayers Go out to This Family

We don't understand random acts of violence. Yet they happen all the time. So often, that the sad truth is this: The murder of Todd Bachman is a small story in the shadow of the Olympics.

The world around us would have us believe man is basically good. I believe man is created in the image of God, Who alone is perfect goodness personified, but that image in man is flawed by sin. Only God can restore us to become people who are good and do good, through His forgiveness and the blood and righteousness of Jesus Christ.

I can't imagine the pain and sorrow of Bachman's widow, still recovering from her wounds, his daughter, his son-in-law, the volleyball teams, and friends and family at home. May God grant His peace that surpasses our understanding, because we can't grasp what has happened nor why.

We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. For God knew his people in advance, and he chose them to become like his son.
Romans 8:28-29, NLT