Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Sometimes we writers need a kick-in-the-pants inspiration, and I can't think of any better than art.

Here's a site where artists using various media post weekly on various themes. You could view their works as writing prompts for a freewriting exercise. Or perhaps you might search for something to fill in a gap regarding a character, an emotion, a setting, or even a plot twist. Or just let the visual richness work on your creativity while you take a break from writing and let the writer's block flow out of you.

Moody Radio's Midday Connection celebrates Arts Week through Friday. Check out the archived broadcasts from Monday through Wednesday on everything from scrapbooking/memory-journaling to poetry, as well as helpful links regarding these topics. The poetry lesson today made me feel--heavenly--as if I were back in my English lit major classes!

Let the creative juices flow!